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Whiteford leads House in bolstering efforts to attract, keep manufacturing jobs in Michigan
RELEASE|September 29, 2022

The Michigan House, led by Appropriations Committee Chair Mary Whiteford, today approved a budget supplemental that will help Michigan communities remain competitive in the modern economy and bring new jobs to the state.

In addition to funding critical state projects and services, the plan approved today will bolster the state’s Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve (SOAR). The Legislature utilizes the SOAR to create incentives that help Michigan communities remain competitive in the modern economy and bring new jobs to the state. Today’s supplemental funding plan deposits $846 million into the reserve. Whiteford said it’s crucial to deposit more funds to build on the success the reserve has had thus far.

“It’s imperative that we continue these investments and remain competitive as other states like Tennessee work to attract employment opportunities from auto manufacturers,” said Whiteford (R-Casco Township). “This reserve ensures Michigan retains and attracts stable, well-paying jobs and sends a message to other states that we will fight to keep them here.”

The funds will allow the state to invest in upgrades and expansions to manufacturing facilities throughout Michigan. Thomas and Saginaw townships’ Hemlock Semiconductor Operations, the country’s largest producer of semiconductor-grade polysilicon, is just one of the job providers that will receive a state investment. The state’s investment will attract more business to the facility and create 170 Michigan jobs.

Whiteford said she also worked to ensure today’s supplemental included additional funds for pediatric behavioral health and support for foster children.

The plan, Senate Bills 842 and 844, now moves to be considered by the governor.


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